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Amelie - English Version

Among the members who lived in the kingdom of the sky, there was a very special one. Her name is Amelie, a shy rainbow of starting school age. She did not show herself to be seen very often, because every time she did, the other inhabitants looked at her as if she were from another planet. Amelie noticed that her neighbors did not play with her and when she went out into the sky they could hear the murmurs of one another, making her nervous, she could not speak, she was sweating and she would have liked to be invisible.

When it was time to start school, Amelie panicked. Just thinking that she should be in a closed place with clouds, raindrops, stars and other little ones, she felt a terrible desire to go to the bathroom and she felt that her world was spinning without stopping.

For the first day of class, her mother had to force her to get up and left her crying in the classroom. On the second day, she hid under the bed to avoid going to school, however this trick did not work for her. On the third day, she faked a stomach ache, which disappeared as soon as her mother mentioned going to visit the doctor along with an injection to take away the pain.

Despite everything, Amelie enjoyed learning new things every day, she marveled at letters, numbers and she loved to cut out. Her way of studying hers was different from that of her classmates, while they painted the sky blue, she colored it pink with yellow balls. When the teacher asked to cut out words that started with B, the little creatures chose Black, Bee, Bear or Bat. Rather, Amelie chose Blue, Baby, Believe or Bless.

Her intelligence did not go unnoticed by her teacher or her classmates. However, her little ones did not know how to behave with her, so they chose to ignore her.

On a stormy morning, the little stars were on their way to class when they found their way blocked. The presence of a lot of clouds prevented the passage to the school. Amelie, she was walking down the same street as the little stars, so when she saw them shivering with cold, she didn't hesitate to stop to offer her help.

The little stars looked at each other strangely, they were confused by the help offered by Amelie, because she was not friends with them. The little stars gathered in a circle to discuss what they should do. Some of them did not want to be seen with Amelie, others of them, was very cold and wanted to get out of there as it was. In the end, the star who seemed to be the leader, stated that Amelie had been kind to offer her help so that the little stars could take the opportunity to talk with Amelie along the way.

The circle dissolved, they all looked at the little rainbow and at the same time said "let's go."

Amelie without hesitation, covered them all and started the tour. In a gentle but sure way, she made her way through the clouds, who watched her in surprise and admiration.

On the way to school they talked, in this way Amelie could realize that many of her classmates admired her for having so many different colors and that they did not approach her out of fear, because she seemed very intelligent. It was the complete opposite of what she thought.

Amelie for the first time wanted everyone to see her colors and she thought that she no longer wanted to be invisible. When they all arrived at school, the leading star told Amelie a few words that she would remember for the rest of her life: "Being different is not bad, each one has something special that makes them unique in the world.

From that day on, Amelie had her first friends, they would not be the only ones, then more would come. There were still many experiences to live and tell in the sky.

Dedicated to a very cute and intelligent girl. Her parents are proud of her and Amelie is very happy with them.

"We are all the same regardless of the number of chromosomes, the important thing in our lives is to be human, so we build our world based on love, understanding, tolerance and respect."
Mildred Niño
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